• Tunnelblick workflow for
    Alfred 2

    I occasionally use a VPN to connect to things, and while it isn’t a huge deal to use the little menu bar widget, it’s much more convenient if I don’t have to use the mouse. Hence, this alfred workflow. It looks through the set of configured vpns in Tunnelblick and... Read More

  • Porta-keg-o-rator, Pt 4

    Its done! Well, it’s mostly done. Doneish, really. It was done enough that I was interested in taking it to a party. Which went quite well! There are still more things I’ll want to do with it, though I suspect it’ll be a while before I do them. What’s left?... Read More

  • Play/Pause workflow for
    Alfred 2

    For a long time, I’ve been using a variety of web streaming services. One of the biggest issues with it is this: When I walk away from my desk, I have to dig through all of my open browser tabs and figure out where to pause it. That’s where this... Read More

  • Porta-keg-o-rator, Pt 3

    Update on the Porta-keg-o-rator The top is pretty much assembled at this point. I got a drain for the top to act as a “drip tray” down into the base. I also went ahead and changed out the tap tower. I think that while the tube didn’t look aweful, especailly... Read More

  • Porta-keg-o-rator, Pt 2

    Insulation Installed! The Insulation step went pretty well I think. Things that I learned. Styrofoam cutters are a thing. They sell them on amazon for ~$15.I think that if I could go back in time I’d think about buying one, especially since I’m thinking about doing more stuff with foam... Read More

  • Porta-keg-o-rator, Pt 1

    Once upon a time, built a kegorator. It was a fun and interesting and it’s continuted to evolve over time. At this point, however, I’m basically to the point with it where there isn’t much more that I want to do with it. There isn’t any more space for kegs,... Read More

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