• Building a Counterflow Wort Chiller

    I started homebrewing about 8 years ago, and since then I’ve steadily upgraded my brewing setup, recently I finally got around to adding a ball valve to my kettle and went to brew a batch only to realize that my wort chiller had super oxidized and I didn’t want to... Read More

  • Selecting a Keyboard Layout

    The first step in building a keyboard can in some ways be a daunting one. Selecting a layout can be really stressful if you aren’t sure what you want. There are a lot of options out there for both DIY and non-DIY options, and most of you will probably only... Read More

  • Selecting a Switch

    Perhaps even more than layouts, people have long argued about what the “Best” keyswitch is. The truth is that no keyswitch is the best switch, though mechanical switches do tend to be more durable, and in terms of DIY they’re largly the only option. So this article is dedicated to... Read More

  • The Mittens Keyboard MKII

    In the last post about building keyboards I talked about how easy it turned out to be to hand wire a keyboard, I’ve got a new one of the same design that I just finished. I thought I’d share that build log with you all. Full disclosure, I’m writing this... Read More

  • I Built a Custom Keyboard

    and it wasn’t that hard. I’ve written before about building keyboards. One of the first questions I got after building my ErgoDox was from the another engineer I worked with. Why didn’t you just trace an outline of your hand and build a keyboard to match it? At first I... Read More

  • Easy Switch Tester/Fidgets

    As the holidays roll around every year I always try to think of was that I can give people cool gifts that really come from me and somehow are still cool. I also like making stuff. This has inevitably ended in several duds. This year however, I saw something on... Read More

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