• Ergodox: Wrist rest, with pictures!

    After the last post I realized that I didn’t actually include any pictures. There is a perfectly reasonable explaination for that. My phone camera is totally busted and I’ve resorted to my iPad. I didn’t however have the pictures on hand when I actually wrote the post, and then it... Read More

  • Ergodox: Actually Finished! (Sort of!) (V1)

    Well, let me start with the bad news. The finished keyboard is not an ergodox infinity. There have been many delays on producint the ergodox infinity. The PCB’s were bad and they needed to be re-worked. Then when the got the 2000 PCBs back, the cases they had no longer... Read More

  • We got a Dog!

    For the last year or so, essentially ever since we moved into a house, Courtney and I have talked about getting a dog. The timing was never quite right, and it never felt before like we were in quite the right place to get one, but the critical mass has... Read More

  • Tunnelblick workflow for
    Alfred 2

    I occasionally use a VPN to connect to things, and while it isn’t a huge deal to use the little menu bar widget, it’s much more convenient if I don’t have to use the mouse. Hence, this alfred workflow. It looks through the set of configured vpns in Tunnelblick and... Read More

  • Porta-keg-o-rator, Pt 4

    Its done! Well, it’s mostly done. Doneish, really. It was done enough that I was interested in taking it to a party. Which went quite well! There are still more things I’ll want to do with it, though I suspect it’ll be a while before I do them. What’s left?... Read More

  • Play/Pause workflow for
    Alfred 2

    For a long time, I’ve been using a variety of web streaming services. One of the biggest issues with it is this: When I walk away from my desk, I have to dig through all of my open browser tabs and figure out where to pause it. That’s where this... Read More

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