• I Built a Custom Keyboard

    and it wasn’t that hard. I’ve written before about building keyboards. One of the first questions I got after building my ErgoDox was from the another engineer I worked with. Why didn’t you just trace an outline of your hand and build a keyboard to match it? At first I... Read More

  • Easy Switch Tester/Fidgets

    As the holidays roll around every year I always try to think of was that I can give people cool gifts that really come from me and somehow are still cool. I also like making stuff. This has inevitably ended in several duds. This year however, I saw something on... Read More

  • Moving to Gitlab pages

    I’ve been using GitLab for the past year and a half at work and watched their product evolve delightfully over the last year and a half. Their unified product is pretty stellar. One of the coolest things they’ve done is their CI product. And with that, GitLab Pages. Unlike GitHub... Read More

  • Using IKEA TRÅDFRI bulbs with SmartThings

    Like most other techies, I think smart home is pretty neat. I’ve got a couple of echo dots and a first gen smartthings hub. Honestly, didn’t ever get much more than that because it’s always seemed hard to justify putting stuff like lightswitches into a rental unit, and the cost... Read More

  • Building an Android App

    For those of you who don’t know, my wife recently went through a code boot camp at Prime Academy. Since she graduated in mid June, it’s been a continued mad dash as she tries to both keep up the skills she learned in a short period of time, while trying... Read More

  • Ergodox Qwerty Layout

    If you seen my posts about the ergodox, you’ll know it’s my keyboard of choice. I’ve been working for a while on tweaking my keyboard to do exactly what I want. I’ve finally settled on my prefered layout, and I put it up on github. It’s originally based off of... Read More

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