• Moving to Gitlab pages

    I’ve been using GitLab for the past year and a half at work and watched their product evolve delightfully over the last year and a half. Their unified product is pretty stellar. One of the coolest things they’ve done is their CI product. And with that, GitLab Pages. Unlike GitHub... Read More

  • Using IKEA TRÅDFRI bulbs with SmartThings

    Like most other techies, I think smart home is pretty neat. I’ve got a couple of echo dots and a first gen smartthings hub. Honestly, didn’t ever get much more than that because it’s always seemed hard to justify putting stuff like lightswitches into a rental unit, and the cost... Read More

  • Building an Android App

    For those of you who don’t know, my wife recently went through a code boot camp at Prime Academy. Since she graduated in mid June, it’s been a continued mad dash as she tries to both keep up the skills she learned in a short period of time, while trying... Read More

  • Ergodox Qwerty Layout

    If you seen my posts about the ergodox, you’ll know it’s my keyboard of choice. I’ve been working for a while on tweaking my keyboard to do exactly what I want. I’ve finally settled on my prefered layout, and I put it up on github. It’s originally based off of... Read More

  • Custom Ergodox Connector Cable

    I’m sure I’m not the only ergodox owner who has encountered the serious lack of good TRRS male to male cables. You can get them in a variety of lenghts, but they’re pretty much all black and if you’re cheap like me you just bought the cheapest one you thought... Read More

  • Building a Game Table

    There’s something I’ve always wanted. I’ve wanted a good table for playing board games, card games, miniatures, and table top games. Now, I’m kind of in luck. The other day Courtney found some chairs that she really wanted for our dining room on craigslist. However, the chairs came with a... Read More

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