As the holidays roll around every year I always try to think of was that I can give people cool gifts that really come from me and somehow are still cool. I also like making stuff. This has inevitably ended in several duds. This year however, I saw something on Massdrop and thought, hey, I bet I could make something like that and it wouldn’t cost me $20. (TBH nor do mine look as nice.) The ClickeyBits fidgets are kind of a neat idea!

I also happened to be working on the MittensKB Rev 2 case at the same time, so I figured I could cut out some boxes inside of some of the bigger holes in the case. It’s a pretty simple design:

From there it was just a matter of cutting them out on the laser and then gluing together the edges like so:

Partially assembled fidgets with a couple of switches in some of them

Then you just fill it in with more switches. While they did stay in OK without it, I did glue mine in because I didn’t want people to get them and have them just fall apart all the time.

Fidget cubes with all keyswitch holes filled

Then I used some of my spare keycaps from the bag of bulk random keycaps I was a sucker enough to buy from PMK last year. Glad that I have them now of course since it’s actually kind of nice to be able to just fill these in.

Fidget cubes fully assembled with keycaps

At any rate, if you want to build your own, I’d suggest using the template I made here. I used the MakerCase box generator, and then the switch holes from the mittens design that came from the SwillKB builder. Your best bet is to download the PDF since PDF has a concept of real world size built into it.

Download the plans Here